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Casual Friday

Olive Jeans: Marc Jacobs (on sale! also love these coated ones)  |  Silk Blouse: J. Crew (also love this one)  |  Sleeveless Cardigan: Ralph Lauren (old but many similar below) |  Belt: Banana Republic (similar here)  |  Sunglasses: c/o Stella McCartney  |  Shoes: Charles David (love these ones)  |  Nail Polish: Essie  |  Jewelry: c/o Selin Kent / Visible Interest

While I don't happen to be wearing any Brooks Brothers in today's post (although this BB long-sleeve cardigan is very similar to today's sleeveless version), I just wanted to give a quick heads up that their Friends and Family 25% Off Sale starts today and ends Monday 9/22!  I've always been a huge fan (obviously), so definitely take advantage of the sale and score some new fall staples (that you'll have forever) with code "FF25."  The sale covers both the regular Brooks Brothers line, the more contemporary Red Fleece line and also the Black Fleece line by Thom Browne, of which I'm an enormous fan (check out this recent post and this recent post).  With Zac Posen now at the healm as creative director, I'm super pumped for even more great things to come from the classic American brand.  Seriously, if you don't already own one of their non-iron dress shirts or classic blazers (like this navy one, hello)... well you should fix that.  I've had this camel hair blazer for over two hears, worn it like it's my job all fall and winter, and it still looks brand new.  Definitely worth a little investment.  Check out more of my sale favorites on my pinterest WISHLIST board here. Happy shopping and Happy Friday!





Blazer: c/o Jones New York  |  Plaid Jacket: c/o Jones New York  |  Blouse: J. Crew (also love this one)  |  Pants: Theyskens' Theory (similar here, here and here)  |  Shoes: Kate Spade (obsessed with these ones, also similar here, herehere and here)  |  Sunglasses: c/o Stella McCartney  |  Earrings: House of Harlow  |  Polish: Deborah Lippmann

Today I'm teaming up with Jones New York to showcase their fall blazers. I was enamored with their collection of blazers this season because the widely varying designs made me really think differently about the way I wear blazers.  Whether it's a classic version or an updated mixed-media blazer like the one above, these pieces can not only function as perfect seasonal transition layers, but also can easily top off your look a full seven (not just five!) days a week.  The colorblocked blazer that I'm wearing today can as easily be paired with a graphic tee and jeans on the weekends as it can with a polished sheath dress for a client meeting during the workweek.  I can't tell you the number of times a blazer has single-handedly saved me from looking homeless on my way out the door to Sunday brunch.  They truly have the power to transform.

For me, pairing a blazer with a traditional sheath dress or pencil skirt is the obvious workweek go-to, so today I'm challenging those boring instincts by wearing the blazer with this plaid coat, striped silk blouse and black and white oxfords.  The mix of prints and sportswear vibe of the ensemble serve as a good reminder (to myself at least) that a wardrobe staple like this blazer doesn't need to hang in the formal-work-event-only section of my closet for pairing with a small selection of staid black pants, pencil skirts and sheath dresses.  Whether you can get away with mixed prints and blouses that hang loose, or your workplace requires a bit more conservative spin on the ensemble, take a look at the blazers at JNY (for real, they're so good) and keep in mind that you can get a ton of use out of these versatile pieces, in and out of the office.  

This post was sponsored by Jones New York via AOL Media.  The opinions expressed herein are mine and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Jones New York or AOL.  All product selections, styling and opinions are my own.


Great British Style

All clothing via Boden:  COAT  |  PANTS  |  SHIRT  |  SHOES  |  BAG

I've received the Boden catalogue for many years, and while I have always loved what I saw in print, I never actually owned any of their pieces until last spring.  I was invited to preview their fall collection here in New York and when I saw the quality of the fabrics and design of the pieces in person, I was... gobsmacked?  Yes, I think that's the proper term.  Straight-up gobsmacked. 

As evidence of my newfound ebullience for the charming British brand, I ordered two sweaters, a pair of pants, a dress and a skirt within seven minutes of getting home that evening.  Because I'm a responsible adult and just wanted to dip my toe in.

In my defense, the fall preview event in New York that evening was a full-on redcoat ambush.  These tricky Brits know how idiot Americans (most definitely including yours truly) go crazy for anything stereotypically British, so those cheeky monkeys laid it on thick.  London phone booths, vintage quippy war posters, iconic tube stop signs, cricket paraphernalia... even crumpets for crying out loud.  To make it worse, Dickens and Austen paperbacks were casually strewn around in front of me like a dusting of Sudafed capsules on a meth addict's birthday cake (yes, I'm watching Breaking Bad right now).  It was mawkish and disgusting.  I loved it so much.

But come on, I've been to England a million times!  I don't fall for that crap anymore!  False.  I absolutely still do.  Slap a Winston Churchill quote on basically anything and there's an 87% chance I'll go cross-eyed and buy it.

The evening ended with Kate Middleton showing me how she does her hair while Prince Harry performed a dramatic reading of the closing scene of A Tale of Two Cities.  It was incredible.

(Ok, that part only happened in my mind.)

Nevertheless, after the dizzying display of amazing clothing intertwined with the most delicious arrangement of British bits 'n bobs, I ask you, would any self-respecting anglophile not go home and rabidly order five articles of clothing that are both seasonally inappropriate and totally unnecessary additions to his or her closet?  I think not.

In the months since, I've honestly worn all of the pieces I ordered from Boden like crazy.  Needless to say, it was a no-brainer when they asked me to work with them in London last month on their autumn/winter collection.  I'm excited that the fall pieces are finally here in all their glory, including the above ensemble (one of my all-time favorites) which we shot in Notting Hill.  

To me, Boden epitomizes classic, effortless, British style.  And, in context of the country that gave us Newton's Laws, Maggie Smith, queueing as an art form, the Spice Girls, Colin Firth, dry humor and the United States of America (particular thanks for this one) that's really saying something.

Shop my favorite Boden pieces below (I'm having a tough time resisting this sweater and this jacket) and remember to use the discount code "LDN5" for an exclusive 10% off and free shipping/free returns!



This post was sponsored by Boden.  All product selections, styling and opinions are my own.

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